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St. Louis Beacon

Posted by jessdrkn on June 2, 2009

Location: St. Louis, Mo.stlbeacon

Focus: “online publication dedicated to news that matters for people in our region”; ”Dedicated to core values of journalism”; original content and aggragated national, world content; news, arts, lifestyles, health, science, neighborhoods 


Funding: Non-profit, donation-driven

Employees/Writers: 6 reporters, 6 editors, other auxiliary staff; crowdsourcing and open contributions through “Public Insight Network” where “your knowledge is news.”

Multi-media component


Collaborations with public television, local library association and Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. A pull quote from the About page:

Founded by veteran journalists, the Beacon aims to serve and engage citizens by offering a distinctive new news medium. Join in this effort by sharing your experience, insight and suggestions. Together, we can build a Beacon that illuminates our region and shines outward to the world.

From Public Insight Network write-up:

Thanks to e-mail and the Internet, our editors and reporters can quickly find and learn from thousands of people who have experience or knowledge on a story we are covering. We call this the Public Insight Network, and it relies on people like you — our public sources.

You have knowledge and insights that can help us cover the news in greater depth and uncover stories we might not otherwise find.

Sample stories: “Republican Bill Corrigan launches campaign for St. Louis County executive”; Beacon art critic: “Akerman’s work deserves the time it takes to view”; “Why the United States needs GM — and other American car companies — to succeed”

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