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Posted by jessdrkn on October 7, 2009

Location: Seattle  crosscut

Focus: “News of the Great Nearby”; “…a daily guide to local and Northwest news, and a forum where writers and citizens with many points of view can report and discuss local news”; non-breaking news, aggregated news, topics, from other online media sources; original content; blogs; regional coverage includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, British Columbia, Montana; content categories include arts/living, business, politics, science/environment

Started: April 2007 (as LLC, then converted to non-profit December 2008)

Staff: founded by civic leaders, investors; content generated by ”contract writers, freelancers, prominent figures in the community or in a given field, and normal folks and specialists who have something to report or something to say,” according to the site; more than 40 contributors; paid freelancers; contributor solicitations

Funding: non-profit according to site, 501c3 status with IRS is “pending” as of November 2008 (could be outdated info); started as Crosscut LLC then converted to Crosscut Public Media; from About Us, revenue sources: “annual memberships, donations from individuals, grants and foundation support, and advertising sponsorships. In the future, we expect to produce some events, such as conferences, that will also generate income. This model resembles public broadcast, except there is no government money in the mix.” 


From About Us

Crosscut is a daily guide to local and Northwest news, and a forum where writers and citizens with many points of view can report and discuss local news. News coverage as traditionally practiced by mainstream media outlets coexists with advocacy journalism and opinion. Crosscut is a general-interest news site, with coverage ranging over politics, business, arts and lifestyle, and the world of ideas. It does thoughtful and fresh analysis of the important issues of the day, not routine breaking news.

Sample stories: “King County’s running out of cuts”; “Real radio is found in Bellevue” (posted to a Crosscut blog); “A taste of the next mayor’s diet”; “What would Jane Jacobs do about the viaduct?”; “Seattle schools’ next hot potato: Student assignment plans”; “Are we happier in the West?”; “Obama science goes schizophrenic on salmon restoration”

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New Haven Independent

Posted by jessdrkn on September 22, 2009

Location: New Haven, Conn. newhavenindependent

Focus: “It’s your town, read all about it”; 5-day week online news site covering people, cities, neighborhoods in New Haven; original reporting, links to other sites with New Haven news

Started: 2005

Staff:  13; Editor Paul Bass, a veteran New Haven reporter, Managing Editor Melissa Bailey; 4 staff writers; 5 contributing reporters; bureau chiefs in capital, outlying communities; print partnership with La Voz Hispana, state’s largest circulation Spanish paper

Funding: non-profit — donations, grants, sponsors; site is ;”produced in conjunction with the Online Journalism Project, a not-for-profit effort to promote professional-quality ‘stand-alone’ and ‘hyperlocal’ news sites on the Internet.”


From About Us

New Haven is rooted in and devoted to the city. We believe that democracy starts at home, with smart, thorough, in-depth local news reporting and broad citizen debate about local issues. Thanks to the Internet, journalists and news-deprived citizens need no longer be hostages to out-of-state media conglomerates. We can reclaim our communities. Power of the press now belongs not to those who own one, but to those who own a modem.

Sample stories: “After crash, cop rescued from car”; “Anti-blight bill becomes law”; “Cops arrest lab tech in Annie Le murder”

Media mentions: in New York Times story about local weekly New Haven Advocate outsourcing stories to India, “Made in India, but published in New Haven”

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CT News Junkie

Posted by jessdrkn on September 16, 2009

Location: Hartford ctnewsjunkie

Focus: “A Connecticut news site that understands the usual media offerings just…aren’t…enough”; some statewide general news, but concentration on capital politics and Hartford city; content includes original reporting and links to 44 blogs/news outlets, including watchdog journalism, lifestyle and local news focusses; other coverage: opinion, transportation, legal, labor, health care; a partner with non-profit online news start-up New Haven Independent

Started: 2005

Employees/Writers: Founding Editor Dan Levine, who has a state politics reporting background. Editor Christing Stewart, a former reporter at the Journal Inquirer in Manchester; one college student intern; accepts contributions.

Funding: advertising, donations

The site:

From About page

Introducing, a Connecticut news site that understands the usual media offerings just aren’t enough. Updated daily, features original reporting on the state’s political, legal, and business universe, including a healthy focus on our struggling health care system.

Not mere observation. No half-cocked rants. And no regurgitated drivel already recorded in a million other outlets.

We’re talking about professionally gathered news you can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s the latest dirt on a grandstanding senator or a tasty morsel about which bar owner can’t pay his legal bills — give us a week. We’ll be part of your habit.

Sample stories: “Fight to abolish the death penalty continues”; “[Governor] Rell releases DECD documents 16 days late”; “Budget victory tour starts at library”; “Union sings for single-payer”

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LA Observed

Posted by jessdrkn on June 9, 2009

Location: Los Angeles laweekly

Focus: “Los Angeles media, politics and sense of place” blog; site is home to LA Biz Observed and Native Intelligence blog sections. Native Intel. is section for “LA Observed’s contributors at large” 

Launched: May 2003

Employees/Writers: Launched by Kevin Roderick, who is the site’s editor and publisher. Mark Lacter is LA Biz Observed business section editor. More than 20 contributor/authors.

From Mr. Roderick’s bio: “Kevin was an editor and staff writer at the Los Angeles Times for two decades and led the Los Angeles bureau of the late Industry Standard magazine. He is the author of two books about the city…”; his commentary airs weekly on KCRW-FM.

Funding: advertising — “LA Observed only accepts ads that are in good taste and that fit the style of the site in the sole judgment of the publisher”


LA Observed is an award-winning website devoted to independent reporting, informed commentary and selective linkage on the Los Angeles region and the news media.

Sample posts: “Tales of the LA Weekly,” “Big layoffs at Latham & Watkins,” “Dodgers having cash problems agan?”; LA Biz Observed, mostly aggregated stories from California and national media outlets; From Native Intelligence: “Lakers advance to the NBA finals” and “Field of weeds”

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Posted by jessdrkn on June 2, 2009

Location: Santa Cruz & Santa Barbara, Calif. calbuzz

Focus: blog covering “political news, analysis, commentary, cheap shots, gossip and more about California and beyond”

Launched: January 2009

Employees/Writers: founded by Bay Area newspaper veterans Jerry Roberts (in Santa Barbara) and Phil Trounstine (in Santa Cruz).  Mr. Roberts is a former political editor, editorial page editor and managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. Mr. Trounstine the former political editor of the San Jose Mercury News. Bios are on blog home page. Active contributor content.

Funding: Limited advertising


 Got buzz? Become a Calbuzzer: send us your photos and videos of statewide California candidates and pols when they campaign in your community; full credit guaranteed.

We also want your dish, scoops, tips and other inside and behind-the-scenes poop about California campaigns and candidates; full discretion guaranteed.

Sample blog posts, from Top Calbuzz stories: “Why Diane Feinstein won’t run for governor”; “Republicans urged bankruptcy for California”; “Why state budget cuts always screw poor people”

Thank you to Ghost Word’s March 2009 blog post , “Former reporters now give away their expertise for free,” for the roundup of new efforts by former San Francisco newspaper reporters.

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New Jersey Newsroom

Posted by jessdrkn on June 2, 2009


Location: Montclair, New Jersey

Focus: “To provide high-quality news for New Jerseyans and not just about New Jerseyans.” News, entertainment, opinion, other sections.

Started: January 2009

Employees/Writers:  About 40 former New Jersey Star-Ledger reporters, most are news veterans that were laid off from the Star-Ledger, organized this  news Web site, to “address the growing journalism void.” Dozens of contributors. Site accepts community contributors, story and news tips, debate, feedback.

Funding: advertising

Web site:

In the news: according to Silicon Alley Insider June 1, 2009 story, site gets more than 50,000 hits, but staff paid about $42 a week based on advertising sales.

From the founders’ about us page:

Our news organization invites everyone to join the mission of telling stories important to the people of New Jersey. Tell stories that shine a light on the dark places. This is journalism not funded by or beholden to corporations or wealthy individuals. We aim for a balanced, insightful take on the news and our goal is to provide a fresh, independent voice.

Sample stories: “Palmer: Tribe won’t build Trenton casino while I’m mayor”; “ABC’s of why your property taxes are so high” (an opinion piece contributed by a NJ assemblyman); “Jersey City man gets 8 years in prison for rebate scam”

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