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Sacramento Press

Posted by jessdrkn on July 11, 2010

Location: Sacramento, Calif.

Focus: News and information about Sacramento, California’s capitol city. Information categories include Front Page, Business, Culture, Politics, Sports, and Sunday Best.

Started :2008

Staff: co-founded by Geoff Samek, and Ben Ilfeld, who is the chief operating officer; six other employees include an editor in chief, a managing editor, three staff reporters, and a sales manager.

Business: Castle Press LLC, for-profit, advertising supported; heading toward profitability

From About Us:

The Sacramento Press will be the most comprehensive, local news source and information center for the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

We are a strictly online newspaper. Our writers are primarily volunteer Community Contributors.

We combined the best tools on the web and built an outstanding platform from scratch. This platform enables people to tell stories about their neighborhoods and have thoughtful conversations about these stories. Then our editors place the best content on the front page and section pages to highlight great work.

We are a for profit business, but we consider ourselves a public trust. The original concept of the corporation was a balance between allowing people to join together for a common goal with some profit potential and demanding that the corporation provide a public service to the nation. In our case, we will provide valuable services to the neighborhoods of Sacramento while showing that this kind of community journalism can be profitable.

Sample stories: “Mayor’s Team Chooses K Street Developers”, “Farm stand coming to McKinley Park”, “Beer Pong champs hail from Sac”, “Second Saturday=Lots to do”, “Utilities measure sparks debate”

Here’s an interview with Geoff Samek by Bill Densmore, at the Journalism That Matters un-conference in Detroit in June 2010 (I also attended).

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Baltimore Brew

Posted by jessdrkn on June 4, 2009

Location: Baltimore baltimorebrew

Focus: ”Stirring up news and views”; daily online journal with original reporting and commentary about Greater Baltimore; it’s “about Baltimore’s neighborhoods, housing, politics, environment, real estate, downtown development, schools, transportation, crime, justice, media and whatever else seems worth covering. Books, the arts, culture, food/drink, history, interesting things to do or places to go, all may eventually be found at the Brew.”

Employees/Writers: Fern Shen is the founder, editor and publisher; “brew crew” of seven contributors; solicitation for collaborators; some aggregated story links to Baltimore Sun

Funding: advertising


We aim to be essential and habit-forming, both caffeinated and hoppy. Our main ingredients? Freshness, for one thing. We serve up an explanation for that weird thing you saw on 83 this morning, pass along a tart and timely tip from the coolest parent on the playground, give you some mind-blowing back-story on the news of the day. Professionalism is another. Whether filing a short item or assembling a long investigative piece, we favor time-honored techniques: source-cultivating, document-reading, going places, talking to people and thinking about context and what’s fair.

Tagline: on Facebook fan page: “Baltimore Brew: Wake Up and Smell the City”

Sample stories: “Emergency summit on Baltimore journalism: Anger, grief and not much relief”; “Polluting Turners Station and Dundalk: A Maryland tradition”

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St. Louis Beacon

Posted by jessdrkn on June 2, 2009

Location: St. Louis, Mo.stlbeacon

Focus: “online publication dedicated to news that matters for people in our region”; ”Dedicated to core values of journalism”; original content and aggragated national, world content; news, arts, lifestyles, health, science, neighborhoods 


Funding: Non-profit, donation-driven

Employees/Writers: 6 reporters, 6 editors, other auxiliary staff; crowdsourcing and open contributions through “Public Insight Network” where “your knowledge is news.”

Multi-media component


Collaborations with public television, local library association and Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. A pull quote from the About page:

Founded by veteran journalists, the Beacon aims to serve and engage citizens by offering a distinctive new news medium. Join in this effort by sharing your experience, insight and suggestions. Together, we can build a Beacon that illuminates our region and shines outward to the world.

From Public Insight Network write-up:

Thanks to e-mail and the Internet, our editors and reporters can quickly find and learn from thousands of people who have experience or knowledge on a story we are covering. We call this the Public Insight Network, and it relies on people like you — our public sources.

You have knowledge and insights that can help us cover the news in greater depth and uncover stories we might not otherwise find.

Sample stories: “Republican Bill Corrigan launches campaign for St. Louis County executive”; Beacon art critic: “Akerman’s work deserves the time it takes to view”; “Why the United States needs GM — and other American car companies — to succeed”

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