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Ithaca Independent

Posted by jessdrkn on April 3, 2010

Location: Ithaca, New York 

Focus: the “Ithaca Indy” independent community news outlet serving Ithaca, in upstate New York; information categories include City, Life, Crime, Business, Sports, Opinion, Resources

Started: January 2010

Staff: founded by Ed Sutherland, a 20-year journalist; request for contributors


From About:

The goal is to bring news coverage closer to the citizens through numerous avenues, including Twitter and Facebook. Although we embrace modern technology, we remain steadfast in publishing quality journalism, following traditional practices. This is not a blog, where commentary mixes with fact. Nor is it an amateurish enterprise. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and hope our readers will keep us on our toes. Opinion is limited to the opinion pages.

Sample stories: “Ithaca Police Make Check Forgery Arrest”; “Ithaca College Names Park School Dean”; “‘Shock Doctrine’ Author to Visit Ithaca”; “Ithaca Elementary School Among Food SafetyViolators”; “Airport Receives $336k FAA Grant”

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Sheepshead Bites

Posted by jessdrkn on January 13, 2010

Location: Brooklyn, New York 

Focus: community news, hyperlocal info around Southern Brooklyn; original reporting, links to nearby placeblogs, traditional media outlets, ex: NYT; information categories include Arts & Culture, Business, Food, Education, Events, News & Features, Opinion, Police & Fire

Started: May 2008

Staff: founded by Ned Berke, who is editor and publisher; associate editor is Ray Johnson

Funding: advertising


From About:

…Many of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods still filled with genuine Brooklynites feature local characters and compelling, complex issues, but are going under-reported in both the established media and the nebulous Brooklyn blogroll. And while most of our neighbors sink further into either apathy or Monday morning quarterback-style governance, our communities are going on without us. They’re leaving their flair and character behind and moving forward in erratic, worrisome ways.Now it’s time we steal from the digital toolbox, and present our neighbors with useful, well-explained information and foster debate on the issues of our day.

Our Beat

Community meetings, development issues, local politics, interesting people, happenings and cool new places — these are just some of the topics the Bite will sink its teeth into. And what will set us apart from any other great blogs in the area is our humor and irreverence, blended in with the same passion and concern that comes from our colleagues.

Sample posts: “Sheepshead Bay Station’s mural artist passes away”; “Halikarnas restaurant closed by DOH”; “Luxury Dental office coming to Ave Z”; “Taking ‘South Brooklyn’ back for the good guys” re-published (from BK Southie), contributed opinion piece on place identity; “City embarks on salty slaughter” article about sodium in foods regulation; “Two killed, Gravesend man arrested in Belt Pkwy crash” with excerpt from NYT story

Platform: WordPress

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Nassau News Live

Posted by jessdrkn on November 4, 2009

Location: Nassau County, New York (Long Island)  nassaunewslive

Focus: news and information covering Hempstead, Uniondale, Roosevelt, and Garden City municipalities; heavy multimedia; sections include news, business, politics, sports, features, and religion

Started: February 2009

Staff: student project of Hofstra University School of Communication undergraduate and graduate journalism program led by Assistant Professor Mo Krochmal

Funding: university


From About Us

Located in Dempster Hall, Nassau News Live starts with the goal of creating a trusted serious news website and fostering new connections between Hofstra and the people living in the surrounding communities while enhancing the education of journalism students with the opportunity to work in a 21st Century news organization.

Students will collaborate to produce and report area news in real time with a combination of pressure-tested live blogging and live video webcasting as well as multimedia interactive news packages, information graphics and digital and still photography.

Sample Stories: “Supporters, Staffers of Nassau County Democratic Party Celebrate, Wallow, and Wait on Election Night”; “Mayor Hall discusses Village of Hempstead’s waning recession”; “Restaurant servers finding a tough economy”; “Unofficial Nassau County election results”; “Nassau County high school football playoffs announced”

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New Castle NOW

Posted by jessdrkn on October 27, 2009

Location: New Castle (Westchester County), New York newcastlenow

Focus: “News & Opinion Weekly”; community news and information; extensive municipal boards coverage; sections include Front Page, Photo Gallery, Letters to the Editor, Op-Ed, Town, Government, Schedules & Agendas, Sports, People, Volunteer Ops


Staff: 4 — editor, managing editor, copy editor and advertising director; approximately 130 contributors

Funding: advertising


Sample stories: “Town board will hire consultant to assess town-wide real property revaluation”; “Teen drinking party results in arrest of Chappaqua dad”; “Bridge construction update, some nighttime closings to move big materials”; “Greeley Boys Varsity Soccer – League Champions!”; bulletin: “Lost toy poodle: Simone”

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