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California Media Collaborative

Posted by jessdrkn on June 2, 2009

Location: Berkeley, CAcalmediacollab

Focus: “to devise new strategies for coverage of critical issues affecting the lives of Californians and to engage Californians more fully in the democratic process by combining best journalistic practices with the power of new media tools”; blog posts include discussion and analysis on California media

Launched: First blog posts appear September 2008, group founded May 2007.

Employees/Writers: Founded by Louis Freedberg, Ph.D., a San Francisco Chronicle higher education and Washington correspondent until 2007. Five other staff members. Nineteen-member board of directors; supported by high-profile foundations.


This initiative is based on the premise that the turmoil in the news industry should not be left to the media to resolve, but needs the involvement and support of key California constituencies, including the non-profit sector, academia, philanthropy and civic leadership. 

Sample entries: “Are online newspapers sustainable” (last post, March 2009, as of June 2); “The disappearing Capitol photographer”; “A revenue milestone at”

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