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The Loop

Posted by jessdrkn on April 30, 2011

Location: Larchmont/Mamaroneck/Lower Westchester County, New York City area 

Focus: News, Features, Op-Ed, Real Estate, Milestones, and Sports, Pets, Kids, Obituaries sections, etc. in Sound Shore area in New York City suburbs; Spanish-language section called En El Circulo

Started: 2007

Metrics: 8,000 hits a day, 35,000 visitors per month from coverage area

Staff: editor/publisher Polly Kreisman, who is also co-editor of investigative journalism site InvestigateNY and has a background in broadcast media; co-editor Dian Marszalek, a former New York Times and Associated Press reporter

Funding: advertising


From About:

mission statement:

theLoop endeavors to unite its readers with local information through professional journalism and new technologies to create community.

theLoop is:

  •  since 2007, an on-line newspaper serving larchmont, mamaroneck, and lower westchester county.
  • a powerful platform for readers to report news and express opinions.
  • editorial content driven by journalists whose experience runs deep and whose respect for journalistic integrity runs deeper.
  • the number one local news site by traffic in westchester county  (analytics available)

Sample stories: “Scarsdale woman scammed at ATM”; “Arbor Day in New Rochelle”; “Puppy tips: Housebreaking 101″ part of pet adoption section; “Mamaroneck lacrosse edges Bronxville”; “Local efforts for Japan”; “What they’re reading” (Public library staff recommendations)

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Uptown Messenger

Posted by jessdrkn on April 30, 2011

Location: New Orleans 

Focus: “News Politics Crime Events” in Garden District and Carolltown areas of New Orleans, but follows news citywide; Special feature: NolaWiki, “the contextual arm of”; The Wiki was formed to archive stories and information from the primary news site

Started: September 2010

Staff: publishers Robert Morris and Sabree Hill, former traditional media journalists; they use Society of Professional Journalists ethical reporting standards for their site

Funding: advertising, donations, will begin membership program; site is part of parent company Nola Messenger


From About: is a local, independent online source of news, commerce and knowledge for Uptown New Orleans that had its formal launch in September 2010.

Every day at, you’ll find neighborhood-level coverage of government and politics, crime, business and community events. We will tell the stories of Uptown New Orleans and its people through traditional articles and photos, as well as extensive use of the video and live-blogging made possible by the Internet.

The primary coverage area of runs roughly from the Garden District and Carrollton, but we’ll cover news of interest to our readers wherever it takes place.

Sample stories: “36 hours Uptown: Government meetings and cultural events”; “6th District’s anti-crime march: ‘I felt very safe with all the officers around me’”; “Former NOCCA school sold for $2.5 million to developers who ‘just wanted to save the building’”; “Proposed Lower Garden District film studio ekes out planning commission approval”

Media mentions: Gambit: Best of New Orleans article, “Reporting from your block… Kevin Allman on Uptown Messenger, a hyperlocal news site that is at the forefront of a big trend in journalism”

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The Jersey City Independent

Posted by jessdrkn on August 9, 2010

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

Focus: “The JCI” is a “grassroots” community news site; information categories include news, arts, politics, three contributor blogs, cultural calendar. Staff publishes a magazine, NEW, twice a year. One of the blogs, Mamarama, about a single mom, is by a local resident with a corresponding public access television program.

Started: 2008

Staff: Jon Whiten and Shane Smith are co-publishers, according to site masthead. Whiten is the editor. Other staff are a sales manager, associate editor, writer, photographer, and 10 regular contributors.

Business: nonprofit; advertising and donation-supported


From About:

The Jersey City Independent is the alternative news and culture source for Jersey City. JCI provides quality journalism to a city that desperately needs it, covering hard news, community news, politics and culture, with the ultimate goal of a better-informed citizenry, more accountable government and increased civic participation. The Independent also uses emerging technologies to shine a light on local government and give citizens greater access to public information that government entities are often reluctant to publish.

Sample stories: “Residents and Officials Come Out in Force Against Proposed Gas Pipeline,”; Halfway through 2010: Mixed News on Jersey City Foreclosure”; “Drought Watch Issued for Hudson County”; “Housing Authority Holding Public Hearing on ‘One-Strike’ Eviction Rule Next Week”; “For Farmers Market Week, New Jersey’s Agriculture Secretary Challenges Residents to Eat Locally”;

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New Hartford Plus

Posted by jessdrkn on April 17, 2010

Location: New Hartford, Connecticut 

Focus: “Linking our community”; information categories include Around NH, Letters/Commentary, Meetings Around Town, News Updates; extensive blogroll of civic groups, municipal offices

Started: January 2009 (archive established)

Staff: all volunteer; Maria Moore is editor, main reporter, photographer; Bob Moore for technical support on the web; other contributors are an at-large reporter and an ad sales person

Funding: advertising sales


From About Us:

The NewHartfordPlus crew members are New Hartford residents who volunteer their time to report for NewHartfordPlus. They do this because they recognize the community-building potential of an independent, locally-run news medium. Crew members’ reports bring New Hartford news and New Hartford happenings to the New Hartford community.

Sample stories: “Town meeting approves date, wording of referendum”; “Debbie Ventre receives ‘Extraordinary Volunteer’ award”; “Full-time custodian position available: New Hartford schools”; “Wanted: Pinewood Derby sponsors

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Southwest Observer

Posted by jessdrkn on February 20, 2010

Location: Chicago

Focus: “Community News. Evolved.”; neighborhood news for Mt. Greenwood, Beverly and Morgan Park; news, opinion, calendar, forums, chat rooms

Started: March 2007

Staff: Michael Fielding, editor, journalism degree and background; Steve Delmont, publisher, formerly in print publishing; solicitation for contributed content and blogs

Funding: advertising; site is associated with Romeii LLC, of Wisconsin


From About:

The Observer is a new community newspaper without the paper. Every day we’ll post news items pertinent to you and your community.And every day we’ll ask you to participate. Got a gripe? Air it in the forums. Planning a block party? Start a blog and keep everyone up to date. Register with us, and you can comment on the stories we post, or you can comment on the posts of your neighbors.

Sample stories: “Keller to stay put, Mt. Greenwood school to expand”; “Community alert for attempted kidnapping”; “Obama’s bookstore book signing this Saturday”; “Keller meeting for parents only”

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The B-Town Blog

Posted by jessdrkn on February 15, 2010

Location:  Burien, Washington (10 miles south of Seattle)

Focus: local news and information around Burien, community news; information categories include arts, entertainment, features stories, crime, events, headlines, humor, jobs, opinion, life

Started: 2008

Staff: Scott Shaefer is founder, publisher, editor; plus 8 staff, including writer/marketing person, two reporters, photographer, intern

Funding: LLC business, a network of  five other local blogs; heavy local advertising, business promotion


From About:

We love Burien. And we’re not ashamed to say it.

That’s because we live here.

We work here.

We shop here.

The B-Town (Burien) Blog is your only daily-updated, totally independent, truly-local online news source for all things Burien-related…

Sample posts: “Hit & Run Victim Jeff Kearney Released From Rehab, Now Back Home”; “B-Town Undercover: A Burienite Makes Friends At The Winter Olympics”; “Councilmember Refutes Seattle Times Columnist Over White Center Annexation”; “Wine & Food Line-Ups Announced For Poverty Bay Wine Festival”

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The Center Square Ledger

Posted by jessdrkn on January 21, 2010

Location: Chicago 

Focus: “Your Definitive Neighborhood Guide to North Center, Lincoln Square and Ravenswood Manor”; information categories include News, Restaurants, Neighborhoods, 1,000 Words, Events, Submissions

Started: Jan. 20, 2010

Staff: writers/editors/founders Patrick Boylan and Mike Fourcher; solicitations for contributed content

Funding: advertising


From About:

The Center Square Ledger is a news publication focusing exclusively on Chicago’s Lincoln Square, North Center and Ravenswood Manor neighborhoods. It’s published by two guys, Mike and Patrick, from the neighborhood with deep Chicago roots. We launched this publication because we believed that our communities have a great deal going on – we want to tell those stories.

We also believe that many of the stories going on in our communities need to be told by you. Perhaps there’s something going on in your neighborhood you’d like to tell. Maybe you want to write the story yourself in the Ledger.

Sample stories: “Lincoln Square Chamber membership elects 3 members to board; Membership tiers now based on benefit use, not employee size”; “Early voting in Lincoln Square and Northcenter short of 2008 pace”; “Our Lady of Lourdes undertakes cause of immigration reform”; “Local carpenter invents water barrel platform; get pressure and use out of your barrel”

Media mentions: Chicagotalks write-up: “Center Square Ledger offers news from Francisco to Addison”

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Posted by jessdrkn on January 20, 2010

Location: Nashville 

Focus: “A blog about Nashville”; little original content, mostly news links roundups to content (local and statewide) or posts incorporating content from elsewhere, i.e. hybrid stories; information categories include News, Culture & Arts, Food & Drink, Music City, Sports

Started: May 2008

Staff: 2 editors — Christy Fink and Morgan Levy; guest bloggers; contributed content

Funding: advertising


From About:

In Nashville, we have it great. We’re a stone’s throw from Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Asheville, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinatti, St. Louis, even Chicago. We live in a vibrant and diverse city with no shortage of dining and entertainment options. Our city is rich with historical significance and quirky landmarks. Here at Nashvillest, we’re aiming high – We’re giving Nashville the respect it deserves. We’re more than just a city with deep country music roots – We’re bloggers, geeks, hipsters, zombies, sports fiends, actors, agriculturists, history buffs, artists, art enthusiasts, animal lovers, coffee drinkers, concertgoers, activists, parents, students, outdoor adventurers, marathon runners, music lovers, photographers, sushi eaters – and of course, musicians and tourists. And more.

Nashvillest is here to bridge the gap. Yes, we’ll be at the Twitter meetup (we’re huge Twitter geeks), but we’ll also be at the Sounds game and at Movies In The Park with our friends. We’ll also try the new Krayp Kafe and maybe swing by Fat Straw or Gigi’s Cupcakes for dessert, so we can give you a heads up on what to expect. And we’re going to let you know when everything happens, because we died a little inside when we heard about the presidential candidates coming to town… after they were gone. Our mission is to never let that happen again.

We told you we were aiming high.

Sample posts: “Bright and Early: Neck and Neck Edition” news links roundup; “Happy Hour: Sunny Side Up” links roundup; “Seven Shows for Seven Years: Happy Birthday Mercy Lounge”; “Remember MLK with Free Frist Center Day”; “Cheekwood Returns to Roots with $.50 Admission in January”

Other: promotional links to independent news sites in Knoxville, and in Chattanooga

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The Dagger

Posted by jessdrkn on January 19, 2010

Location: Harford County, Maryland (a Baltimore suburb)

Focus: “Local news with an edge”; information and news categories include Local Ink, The Dirt, At Large, School Yard, Sirens, Entertainment, Forums

Started: 2007

Staff: former journalists, accepts citizen journalism contributions, solicitations for contributors around Maryland

Funding: business is an LLC model (Daggerpress LLC), advertising sales


From About:

Dagger: The double-edged blade.

What began as an experiment, a test case for what might happen when we distill years of conversation into published material, has turned into something real. We have become a living, breathing, kicking, screaming community of readers and writers no longer content to simply watch as the world turns.

We publish daily and breaking news, in-depth features, investigative reporting, opinion, style, substance and informal correspondence. It is our hope not to fire missives from the distance, but to get up close to each subject; so close that we might twist a blade in its side.

We are a collective of former and current journalists, editors, reporters, photographers, artists, students, freelancers, professionals, entertainers, activists, rebels, parents and agitators living in and around Baltimore. We are citizens, communities, neighborhoods, organizations, movements, ideas and events. We are you.

We are The Dagger and you can’t mess with us.

The Dagger is…

An interactive, online news magazine providing independent reporting, cultural commentary and (seldom) humorous social observations. Our original content is strengthened and supplemented by the open involvement and direct participation of our readers. Together, reader and writer, supporter and detractor, come together to form a unique online community.

The Dagger is not affiliated with any corporation, publishing company, political party, professional sports team, clique or trade association although many of our members and readers are. We do not charge for access to our content and are supported by loose change, good intentions and occasional advertising revenues.

Sample stories: “County to Offer Retirement Buyout Offers” breaking news; “Harford Board of Ed Votes 6-1 to Approve 2% Salary Cuts for All HCPS Employees”; “Harford Schedules Second Public Budget Hearing for Jan. 25 in Edgewood”; “First Bills of Session Address Noise Enforcement, Liquor Board Membership, AG Tax Breaks, and Emergency Responder Safety”

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My Ballard

Posted by jessdrkn on January 19, 2010

Location: Seattle  

Focus: “Daily news for Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood”; information categories include Events, Restaurants, Forum, Classified, Coupons, Video, Wire

Started: May 2007

Staff: Kate and Corey Bergman, founders of comunity news network Next Door Media

Funding: advertising; part of Next Door Media community news and advertising network. Next Door Media network of neighborhood sites include,,,, and  The group partners with the Seattle Times in a content-sharing deal


From About:

We’re Kate and Cory Bergman… a Scandinavian couple who started in December of 2007. We both have long resumes in journalism — Kate works at KING 5 News and Cory at — and we noticed Ballard lacked a daily news source and community forum. My Ballard soon became the neighborhood’s most popular news site, even winning a community service award from the Ballard District Council.As My Ballard grew, we started a company called Next Door Media and expanded to nearby neighborhoods: for Phinney Ridge and Greenwood, in Magnolia, in Fremont and in Queen Anne. All of our blogs are written by folks who live in the neighborhood.

The biggest surprise has been the enormous role that all of our readers play in helping us cover the neighborhood. Unlike traditional news sites, My Ballard is powered by the community, not us. So if you see something interesting in the neighborhood, please let us know. New store? Road construction? Land use issue? Accident? Lost pet? Drop us a tip at

Sample posts: “Lane closures on Ballard and Fremont bridges”; “Demolition crews to level Sunset Bowl tomorrow”; “Kids bounce to exhaustion at Loyal Heights CC”; “Radio Shack robbed at gunpoint”; “Borrowing changes ahead at library

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