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InOtherNews is a compilation of online, independent journalistic start-ups in the wake of legacy media layoffs and industry changes.

E-mail me links to new news endeavors at The loose criteria are that the sites serve as a “replacement” or supplemental news source in areas where the local newspaper or broadcast companies are dropping coverage. The scope can be local, state or national and be niche or broad-focussed — it just needs to be a journalistic endeavor with a newsgathering mission and not part of a corporate media site.

About me: Former newspaper reporter. Wannabe oral historian.

I am a freelance researcher and media consultant, and former community manager for Block by Block, a network of independent online community news publishers supported by The Patterson Foundation’s New Media Journalism Initiative. Jessica monitors the independent news space and researches its infrastructure for sustainability.

As a 2010 New America Foundation Knight Media Policy fellow, I studied the Scranton, Penn., and Seattle, Wash., news ecosystems based on objectives advanced by the Knight Commission on Information Needs of a Democracy. I am a former print reporter and in 2009 started, a blog tracking independent news start-ups. I am on the board of directors for non-commercial community radio station WFTE-FM in Scranton and served a two-year term, from 2009-2011, on the board of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.


Jessica Durkin

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