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Louisville Mojo

Posted by jessdrkn on February 28, 2010

Location: Louisville 

Focus: local and community news hub for Louisville; original and aggregated content; current events, local topics of discussion, forums, curated content; 29 forum topics, 14 news and information categories, mostly arts and leisure, calendar events, human interest, opinion; member blogs section

Started: 2003, as community BBS system

Staff: 8 full-time, one part-time and 12 contractors; solicits user-generated content

Funding: owned by Metromojo LLC, a company specializing in online information platforms. Louisville Mojo is the most popular website in Kentucky, according to Nielsen engagement rankings cited by Louisville Mojo officials. The site served more than 25 million page views to over 155,000 unique visitors in January 2010; average time on site was over 25 minutes, MetroMojo LLC chief technology officer Chuck Burke said.


From About (Metromojo):

We are a company with roots in the electronic bulletin board (BBS) days of the Internet. Our founders were developing powerful technology applications prior to the existence of the WWW. Skip forward a decade….2003. Louisville Mojo was launched as a portfolio piece and its wild growth shocked us all. In early 2004, we realized that the traction of our first online community represented a more dramatic and global change in how media is produced and consumed. Today, Louisville Mojo serves a significant audience. In the course of managing and monetizing our own local online community, we have contributed to the development of a powerful niche within the social media industry: local online community.

The company has received initial funding from  Lunsford Capital and  Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation.

Mr. Burke:

98% of what you see [on Louisville Mojo]… is produced and managed by our editorial team, run by Rick Redding, a long-time journalist here in Louisville, Kentucky, who cut his teeth in publications such as Business First and the Courier Journal.

If you venture beyond the homepage into our “channels” you will begin to find more user generated content.  In addition to this, we have forums, photo galleries, classifieds, etc.

We are a commercial operation, the majority of our revenues comes from advertising with a small percentage of it coming from “supporting member” accounts, which offer members a few additional features on the web site.

Sample posts, information: “The Bible, sex-ed and Frankfort priorities” (an opinion piece by staff writer); “What are the BonAire/Highgate neighborhood groups doing now?”; “LMPD’s Crystal Marlow will plead the fifth”; “Paul fires back in senate race”; “UPDATE: Restaurant to be baby friendly…Mojo makes a difference”; “Trashy novels, Sports Illustrated and your kids”

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Southwest Observer

Posted by jessdrkn on February 20, 2010

Location: Chicago

Focus: “Community News. Evolved.”; neighborhood news for Mt. Greenwood, Beverly and Morgan Park; news, opinion, calendar, forums, chat rooms

Started: March 2007

Staff: Michael Fielding, editor, journalism degree and background; Steve Delmont, publisher, formerly in print publishing; solicitation for contributed content and blogs

Funding: advertising; site is associated with Romeii LLC, of Wisconsin


From About:

The Observer is a new community newspaper without the paper. Every day we’ll post news items pertinent to you and your community.And every day we’ll ask you to participate. Got a gripe? Air it in the forums. Planning a block party? Start a blog and keep everyone up to date. Register with us, and you can comment on the stories we post, or you can comment on the posts of your neighbors.

Sample stories: “Keller to stay put, Mt. Greenwood school to expand”; “Community alert for attempted kidnapping”; “Obama’s bookstore book signing this Saturday”; “Keller meeting for parents only”

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The Village Thinker

Posted by jessdrkn on February 20, 2010

Location: Battle Creek, Michigan 

Focus: “Everybody has a hand in thinking”; a neighborhood blog — community events coverage, crime updates

Started: June 2008

Staff: founded and edited by resident Laura Adams; contributor solicitation

Funding: no apparent traditional funding (advertising, grants)


From About:

The Village Thinker is a community news resource. The Village Thinker is the new media.  It is an Internet news source, but it isn’t an electronic newspaper. Yet.

Print is dead, I went to the funeral almost 10 years ago.  It was nice, CNN sent a beautiful wreath.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t considered news.  Most likely because it coincided with the christening of the Internet as the New Media.

The Village Thinker exists because we have no unfiltered crime and gang-related news in our community, and people are tired of reading propaganda that is sanitized for our protection.   Or for the protection of the people who need to cover up what they did wrong.  We are tired of being kept in the dark.

The Village Thinker is underground news, because even a small town needs an underground media outlet.

Sample posts: “Second bank robbery this month”; “Crimewatch committed to continuing the struggle”; “IFPTI receives substantial funding in 2011 Federal budget”; “Ann J. Kellogg students Stomp for Peace”

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The B-Town Blog

Posted by jessdrkn on February 15, 2010

Location:  Burien, Washington (10 miles south of Seattle)

Focus: local news and information around Burien, community news; information categories include arts, entertainment, features stories, crime, events, headlines, humor, jobs, opinion, life

Started: 2008

Staff: Scott Shaefer is founder, publisher, editor; plus 8 staff, including writer/marketing person, two reporters, photographer, intern

Funding: LLC business, a network of  five other local blogs; heavy local advertising, business promotion


From About:

We love Burien. And we’re not ashamed to say it.

That’s because we live here.

We work here.

We shop here.

The B-Town (Burien) Blog is your only daily-updated, totally independent, truly-local online news source for all things Burien-related…

Sample posts: “Hit & Run Victim Jeff Kearney Released From Rehab, Now Back Home”; “B-Town Undercover: A Burienite Makes Friends At The Winter Olympics”; “Councilmember Refutes Seattle Times Columnist Over White Center Annexation”; “Wine & Food Line-Ups Announced For Poverty Bay Wine Festival”

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